Youth Farming Education Program

Starting in 2022, Seed Peace is offering a new education program targeted at passing agricultural knowledge onto a younger generation of aspiring farmers. 

We Teach The Next Generation

In 6 sessions throughout summer, high-school-aged youth will receive a robust intro to farming designed to instill a thorough understanding of the basics of gardening, farming, and more…


  • 6 weeks, 1 day per week in the summer
  • 6 hour sessions per day
  • Classroom and hands-on learning with paid stipend provided for labor
  • Healthy farm lunches provided daily
  • Supplies/equipment included
  • Limited availability (12 student capacity for the program)

Key Skill Takeaways From The Program

  • Introduction to jobs in agriculture
  • Strategies for maintaining healthy soil
  • Plant origins and how to understand their needs
  • Starting seeds and maintain seedling health
  • Direct sowing and transplanting crops
  • Crop planning for consistent production
  • Basics and strategies of plant breeding
  • Understanding lunar influences on plant growth and weather
  • Basics of seed saving and cleaning
  • Composting basics and compost tea making
  • Cooking nutritious meals from farm food
  • Marketing strategies for farms
  • Business management for seed and vegetable farms

If you’re interested in participating in the program sign up below and we’ll send some more information!