The Mission

To accelerate the world’s transition to regenerative farming through seed research, hunger relief, education and innovation.

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Seed research and farming innovation that provides health giving food to people in need!

Seed Peace planting selected onions for seed in 2020!

Seed Peace is on a mission to catalyze a shift to regenerative agriculture a movement necessary to combat climate change

Lets be prepared for a Changing Climate

“Seed Peace is providing hunger relief by breeding food plants that are prepared for climate change. By simulating adverse conditions such as drought, heat, shade and frost, we are able to create a more resilient local food system while training the next generation of farmers”

Casey Piscura, Founder

Farmer Social Equity


Farmers Need Our Help!

Who will grow the food of the future? How do we attract talented people to the occupation of farming? Seed Peace will provide talented farmers and farm researchers with the support, technical training and resilient seed necessary to grow the local food supply.

Healthy Food Should BE a Right for All

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