Give A Seed, Feed The World

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to regenerative farming and land management in the Roaring Fork Valley through seed, education and farm innovation.

We can’t do it without you. Learn about the programs we offer and how you can get involved.

Together, we can grow the local food supply.

Farmer Incubator Apprentice Program

The best way to learn agriculture is by doing and that is exactly what we provide in our incubator program!

Program Description

Aspiring adult farmers join our team to learn the ins and outs of how to farm sustainably.

What’s Included

In this program Seed Peace provides housing, lectures, learning materials, stipends and hands on experience to pass on the knowledge necessary for young farmers to be successful in farming! This program is oriented towards adults.

Research is at the heart of our programs on the farm at Seed Peace

Our team is actively engaged in developing, testing and teaching agricultural systems that help sequester carbon, combat climate change and improve community health by creating health giving, poison free superfood! A unique focus of our farm is on the development of a seed supply of adapted plants for future generations in the Roaring Fork Valley!

Our seed programs cover a wide range of projects to improve crop performance and resilience in an increasingly unpredictable climate. We work to improve the flavor and nutrition of crops like winter squash and carrots, to increase the storage ability of onions, and also on more ambitious projects like the development of tomatoes that can handle light frosts!

The Process

Seed Peace is beginning to organize conversations with local farmers, organizations, and food businesses to develop the concept of a Roaring Fork Valley Agricultural Ecosystem.

We envision a cooperative Agricultural Ecosystem with a robust farmer support program that has the capacity to create and support careers in agriculture for the Roaring Fork Valley, and develop a sustainable local foodshed.

We are actively seeking additional partners and funding to advance this project to the next stage and welcome input from anyone looking to get involved. Please email [email protected] for more information.


Providing shared agricultural infrastructure like storage & freezer space, farm product processing facilities, commercial kitchen for creating value added products, classroom & education spaces, distribution outlets, seed banking infrastructure, and agricultural research facilities.


Providing cooperative agricultural business services  including collective marketing, cooperative distribution methods, tool & equipment sharing, contract-based sales outlets, and links between new farmers and agricultural land opportunities.

Community Support

Providing community services for nutrition & agricultural education, new opportunities for food & agricultural businesses, knowledge gathering for beneficial policy development, hunger relief programming, and aggregation for distribution of local food products.